23 April, 2012

Root Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 on Official Firmware [Hacks]

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  1. Unlocked Carrier.
  2. Minimum 70% of battery is required to finish the installation process so put your device in charge if it’s battery life is less than that of recommended one.
  3. You also need to disable all the security suites whatever installed on your Computer as well as in your device to avoid the interruption can cause during the update.
  4. You are also need to enable the USB Debugging on your Android Tablets simply by following the path ‘Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging’. Check the USB Debugging option to enable it.
  5.  Download and install Samsung USB Drivers or Download Samsung KIES (Skip it if you've installed)

CF-Auto-Root: (For newbie)

CF-Root is the root for “rooting beginners” and those who want to keep as close to stock as possible. CF-Root is meant to be used in combination with stock Samsung firmwares, and be the quickest and easiest way for your first root. A modified recovery and cache partition will be flashed, which will install (only) SuperSU, then clean-up the cache partition and re-flash the stock recovery.
NOTE: Using this root increases your flash counter. You should run Triangle Away after rooting to reset the counter. Note that if you want to run custom kernels or custom recoveries, your flash counter will be set to 1 at every boot. Either configure Triangle Away to reset the counter at every boot (Play version only) or only reset the counter when you need to go into warranty.

Root Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Official Firmware

Step-by-step instructions guide for how to root Android 4.1.1 on Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. If you are used to installing official updates through ODIN on Samsung Galaxy devices, then this should not be any different for you. Note, this tutorial will not install ClockworkMod recovery.

To Remember:

  • This root method tutorial is only for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3110. Please do not try on any other Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 variants.
  • Make sure you backup all your data in your phone before proceeding as a precaution.
  • This root method works for both, Android 4.0.4 ICS and Android 4.1.1 JB.
  • Your Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 should be on an official firmware by Samsung, not a custom ROM.

Rooting Steps:

Step 1 - Download Root Package – CF-Auto-Root for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 to your computer and extract the zip file.
Step 2 - Download ODIN v1.85 which will help you to root Android 4.1.1 on Samsung Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100.
Step 3 - Switch OFF your tablet. Now go to Download Mode. How? Press and hold the Volume Up button and then press the Power button together till you see the construction Android robot and a triangle. Press Power again to confirm to enter into Download Mode.
Step 4 - Make sure you have your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 USB drivers installed on your computer.
Step 5 - Open ODIN on your computer. Connect your tablet to your computer while your tablet is in the Download Mode.
Step 6 - If your tablet is connected successfully, one of the ID:COM boxes will turn yellow with the COM port number. This step might take some time.
Step 7 - Now select the file that you have to flash/install on your tablet. This file will be found from the extracted file in Step 1.

  • Click on ‘PDA’ and select the file ‘CF-Auto-Root-espressorf-espressorfxx-gtp3100.zip‘.
Step 8 - In ODIN, check the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options, if not already.
Step 9 - Now click on the Start button in ODIN. Installation process will start and would take a few minutes to complete.
Step 10 - After the installation is completed, your tablet will reboot into Recovery Mode automatically and install the root package / files. Your ID:COM box will also turn green.
Step 11 - After you see the home screen, unplug your tablet from the computer.
NOTE: Sometimes the device does NOT boot into Recovery Mode automatically (as given in Step 10) and root your device. If that happens, do the entire procedure again.
OPTIONAL: Still not rooted? Once again perform the entire tutorial, but make sure in ODIN, the “Auto Reboot” option is NOT checked. Then after installation (Step 10), do the following:
Step 11 - Pull out the battery (or keep holding the Power button) to turn OFF the tablet forcefully.
Step 12 - Now boot (turn ON your tablet) with Volume Down + Power buttons to go directly into Recovery Mode manually. This will start the install process of rooting your phone.
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